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lily9889 Rank 4
19.02.2021, 08:49
Uber faces UK Supreme Court ruling on worker rights in gig economy test

Britain's Supreme Court will rule on Friday in a battle over workers' rights at taxi app Uber that could have ramifications for millions of people in the gig economy.

In a case led by two drivers, a London employment tribunal ruled in 2016 that they were due entitlements such as the minimum wage, paid holidays and rest breaks.

The Silicon Valley-based company appealed the decision all the way to Britain's top court which will provide its verdict from 0945 GMT on Friday.

Uber drivers are currently treated as self-employed, meaning that in law they are only afforded minimal protections.

If the firm loses, it could still take several months for the details to be worked out following a further employment tribunal hearing, depending on the nature of the Supreme Court's decision.

"It would involve them working out exactly how many hours they worked, how much they got paid for those hours and identifying occasions when that meant that they were paid less than the minimum wage," Matt McDonald, a partner who specialises in employment disputes at law firm Shakespeare Martineau, told Reuters.

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