Main BoardWhat are the side effects of Suhagra 100mg

05.04.2021, 05:27 - Angila Mathew - Rank 1 - 2 Posts
Suhagra 100 tablet is recommended by doctors for the treatment of men suffering from sexual disorders like erectile dysfunction. The active ingredient in this tablet is a potent PDE type 5 inhibitor called sildenafil citrate which is also found in the famous blue pill Viagra.
The treatment of ED by using sildenafil citrate is a tried and tested approach and it is also approved by the US FDA. Under normal conditions when a person takes the therapeutic dose of this drug or he takes 1 tablet of Suhagra 100mg, there are no major side effects. Some minor problems like headaches and stomach upset can be seen in some cases.
The side effects of Suhagra 100 are seen in cases of overdose. It can lead to a condition of prolonged and painful erections where the penis remains in the erect position for more than 4 hours and the muscles start to pain. This condition should be dealt with extreme care and consultation of doctor is advised. Other side effects of Suhagra can be seen as a result of drug interactions. If you are already taking some drugs, you should ensure that they will not interact with Suhagra inside your body. For example, nitrates can interact with sildenafil citrate and produce unwanted side effects.